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The recent Cambridge Analytica case showed the world that how vulnerable our online data is. Most of the people don’t even bother to read the user acceptance policy and fill in the details with a blindfold. This is a common practice while logging in with giant social media players like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many others. But when the private data of millions of people was leaked in the Cambridge Analytica case, people realized the vulnerability of their private data with even giant players like Facebook.

With this news of data leak going viral, Facebook took quick actions and implemented new features in the privacy control setting which allowed people to delete, download and view their personal data in a much easier way. But recently on Wednesday, Facebook said that the private data of over 87 million people might be at risk in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

You should know that Cambridge Analytica was the same data analysis firm that helped President Donald Trump to run his presidential campaigns. This statement from Facebook on the case of data leak is much larger in number than the previous report. Moreover, Facebook also said that most of the data are from U.S and they will soon allow people to see that whether their data has been shared with Cambridge Aanalytica or not.

The announcement was made, along with the introduction of the new updates in the privacy setting features of Facebook which will now allow users to have a crystal clear view of their personal data. These announcements were made when the company is being questioned about its ability to safeguard the private information of over 2 billion users.

On Wednesday, the series of announcements also included Mark Zuckerberg’s plans to testify before Congress on April 11 on how the company manages user’s data and privacy. The hearing will be held by House Energy and Commerce Committee and it will be focused on the company’s use and protection of user’s data. According to a report, earlier, Mark Zuckerberg turned down the request of appearing before the committee by sending a deputy.

You should know that after the revelation of the data leak, an investigation was set by U.S Federal Trade Commission in regards to Facebook’s handling of user’s data. This also impacted the stocks of the company and promoted disbelief among the users regarding protection of their data.

In addition to the several privacy updates announced by Facebook on Wednesday, it was also said that now it will now allow people to search others through their phone numbers or email address.

The company said “Given the scale and sophistication of the activity we’ve seen, we believe most people on Facebook could have had their public profile scraped in this way,” They further added, “So we have now disabled this feature.”

The data of 87 million people is vulnerable in the Cambridge Analytica case: Facebook


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