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After the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook, we have noticed several changes in the very famous messaging app and all this is being done to attract more and more users. When the CEO of WhatsApp Jan Koum left the company, Facebook appointed its Vice President of Internet.Org as the new head of WhatsApp and just a few days back, Facebook has brought some changes for the WhatsApp group for both iOS and Android while some of these changes have been earlier rolled out in the beta version as well.

There are four major changes which have introduced for the WhatsApp group and some of these changes hint us as a strategy to overcome the challenge from the very famous messaging app Telegram. But first, let’s go through these important changes.

The first changes come in the form of Group Description. This feature allows the admin to add a group description which can be seen by the new members at the top of their chat. This feature can prove to be very useful for people who use WhatsApp group for office purpose. By using this feature they will be able to limit the members within the specified goal of creating that particular group. In order to add the group description, one has to open his group, and then tap on the Description section located right below the group name.

There is also a major change regarding the admin controls. The new setting allows the admin to limit the access of members to changes made in the group. By using the new admin control powers, the admin can decide who can change the group icon, subject, and description.

Other than this, there is also a feature of Group catchup added which allows users to get updated with the messages which they might have missed in the group. If you want to read the messages which mention or reply to your post, then you just have to tap the new @button in the bottom right corner of the group chat.

The last feature which has been added to the Group setting is the participant search feature. This participant search feature allows you to find anyone in the group by searching for participants in the group information page. And finally, the admin can remove the admin permission of the other group participants.

A new feature is also being worked through which no one will be able to add you to the group which you already have left. This is an appealing feature for especially those people who think that they are being put back in the same group which they don’t want to join again.  And now the group creators cannot be removed from the group which they have started.

All these features will come in handy for the WhatsApp users as they are being introduced with the motive of making the group feature of WhatsApp more meaningful.

New features introduced for WhatsApp Group


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