iPhone have some issues

Last year was fascinating for iPhone users as the most awaited iPhone X was launched with various new features and functions. It got mixed reviews from various tech experts and users but now the recent announcement by Apple has raised the eyebrows of many people.

Now, it has been confirmed by Apple that their iPhones have started facing two serious problems which are forcing them to fail at their most basic functions.

So, in this blog post, we will be looking at the two problems in iPhones which have been confirmed by Apple itself.

No service issue

This issue has been confirmed by Apple on its website. Due to this problem, you may see a ‘No service’ in the status bar even if the cellular coverage is available. People are facing this problem because the component has failed on the main logic board. The affected units have been manufactured between September 2016 and February 2018 and were sold China, Japan, U.S and Hong Kong.

But if you are facing this problem then Apple will repair your phone for free. Your phone will be firstly checked to see whether it fits in the free service criteria or not. And it is applicable for iPhone 7 only.

If you have paid for the repair then Apple will contact you through email for arranging the reimbursement. The three model numbers which are eligible for this service are A1660, A1780 and A1779.  You can choose from the Apple authorized service provider, Apple retail store and Apple technical support for repairing your iPhone 7. In all cases, your phone will be Apple repair center for service.

iPhone X

Problems with Apple phones are not restricted to iPhone 7 only as even iPhone X are facing several issues which are making its users frustrated.

As stated in the Financial Times reports

“hundreds of owners have complained on Apple forums that their pocket supercomputer cannot accomplish the most basic task that even a $10 phone can manage, namely taking an incoming call.”

The problem in the iPhone X is basically due to a fault in touchscreen due to which they don’t respond for up to 10 seconds after a call comes in, which stops users from answering the call.

Apple has confirmed to the Financial Times that it is looking for such problems.

So after so many complaints from various users now finally, the major issues of both iPhone x and iPhone 7 has been confirmed by Apple itself.

iPhones have some issues: Confirmed by Apple


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