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YouTube, the American video sharing website is the most popular platform for video sharing with more than 1 billion users and if you wish to watch all the videos uploaded on YouTube, then it will take you at least more than 60,000 plus years in total.

The leader in the video sharing website recently made a big change in its mobile app. The change includes the introduction of a new dark mode for the mobile app of YouTube. The dark theme was announced by the company on 13/3/2018. You should know that the dark theme was introduced by the company for desktop during the last year but now it has been made available for even its mobile app, starting with the iOS devices which will be followed by an update for the Android users as well.

The dark mode option inverts the white background on the app to convert it into a very dark shade of grey. After the introduction of the dark mode on the desktop version, people have been asking for the same on the mobile apps as well and with this announcement, the app geeks can finally experience YouTube in a completely different and darker way.

Many other apps like Twitter, Reddit, AccuWeather, SwiftKey, NewsBlur, DigiCal, Firefox, Spotify, WhatsApp and Pocket are already using the concept of dark theme and that’s why YouTube also didn’t want to lag behind in the race of providing an enhanced experience to the users.

The new dark theme can help users to have a more cinematic feel but there are other benefits of this new feature as well. The dark theme will give some relaxation to your eyes especially when you are looking on the screen for a longer period of time, for example, it will help you to focus on the content rather than on the control.

In addition to this, some researchers have also shown that the dark theme helps users to save battery as well and this can come in handy for an app like YouTube where most of the people spend at least an hour on daily basis.

With the introduction of the dark theme app, YouTube has now become the latest high-profile app to add the dark theme.

So, now you can easily enjoy your YouTube mobile app in a dark theme which will not only be beneficial for your eyes but for your battery life as well.

Introduction of YouTube Dark mode for its mobile app


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