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Smart home solutions are very useful as they allow you to automate your home, control, lighting, TV and all other appliances from anywhere, work on your voice commands but even a single mistake in the working of smart home solution can result into disaster and that’s what happened with a couple living in Portland, Oregon.

The couple who were the victim of the mishaps are smart home owners and in a recent privacy breach incident, the Amazon Echo recorded their private conversation and sent it to a random guy in the contact list who was the employee of the husband.

The Portlander Daniella said that one day she received a call from one of her husband’s employee and he told her to immediately unplug their smart home devices, suggesting that she has been hacked.

After Daniella unplugged all the devices, the person said that he received a private conversation recording from their house. But when the husband denied such incident, the person told them that they were recently talking about the hardwood floor and that make the incident of privacy breach confirmed.

After being confirmed, Daniella directly contacted Amazon and they sent an engineer to check things. After going through the logs of the Echo, the engineer confirmed that such incident has happened.

Amazon clarified the incident in statement saying “We investigated what happened and determined this was an extremely rare occurrence. We are taking steps to avoid this from happening in the future.”

The most accurate reason which is being perceived for this incident is Echo voice recognition service must have misheard something and interpreted it as a command to record the conversation like a note or a message. And after that it must also have misheard them say to send the voice recording to this particular person.

The house of the couple is having multiple Alexa devices and there are chances that all the instructions were misheard by the device like ‘Record’. ‘Send message’, ‘To whom, ‘(contact name) right?’

No one would love their private conversations to be sent to a random person in their contact list but there is no denial in the fact that Echo listens to your every conversation and constantly sends that data to places on the Internet. It also remembers more stuff now.

Daniella is considering this incident as a complete privacy invasion and said that she will never be using the Echo dots again. Due to this nasty incident, many twitter users have also said that they are going to unplug their devices.

Echo sent the private conversation of a couple to a random guy


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